History of the Bourget Inn & Spa Resort


Probably one of the most common questions we're asked is "what's the history of Inn". Here's a little about it...

The Inn was built in the 1960's as a private country home. From the time it was built until 1998 it was the residence of a wealthy family. They had five boys and a live in nanny. They enjoyed entertaining lots of family and friends, and an expansion in the mid 1980's reflected their enjoyment of hospitality. The expansion included a large dining room, a library, a solarium, an additional lounge area, more guest rooms and an office area.

Once the family had grown up and all the boys (except for one) had moved away the home was sold to a couple who began the transition from home to business. Originally the plan was a retirement home but with the quiet secluded location this idea never materialized. Their back-up plan was a Country Inn and they began marketing the destination as such but with little success and a few years later it was sold.

As, a new owner we welcome you with great pleasure. We would like to have the opportunity to provide you with serene and relaxing atomosphere. Join us to enjoy the wonders of Nature!

 Sandeep, G.M.


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