Therapeutic Baths

  • Many therapeutic & healing benefits
  • Enjoy on it's own or to complement a massage
  • Deeply relaxing
  • Try one by yourself or as a couple




About Therapeutic Baths

Delight in one of our air jet therapeutic baths to complement your day spa or getaway experience! Close your eyes, enjoy the candle light, relax and enjoy. We also suggest a short rest period after your your guest room, on a sofa or even during another spa treatment...


Dead Sea Salt Bath

spa dead sea salts from IsrealDead Sea Salts extracted from the dead sea in Israel are scientifically proven to be many times more beneficial to our bodies than any other source on the planet. The water of the dead sea contains 9 times the salt content than normal sea water and the salt itself has a much higher concentration of magnesium, potassium, calcium chloride and bromides.

The benefits of the dead sea salts include stress relief, fluid retention, slowing skin ageing, calming the nervous the system, increasing circulation, balancing skin moisture, easing muscles and nourishing the body with minerals.

$45 (30 minutes)
$50 for a couples' bath (30 minutes)


Moor Mud Bath

ontairo spa moor mud bathExperience a natural feeling of well-being after a Moor Mud Therapeutic Bath. This bath employs the high levels of humic acid found in our Moor Mud, one of the earth's most powerful anti-oxidants. The mud is completely soluble and a bath facilitates the anti-oxidant effects of the humic acid. Additional benefits include:

$60 (30 minutes)
$70 for a couples' bath (30 minutes)



More Moor Mud details at the Golden Moor website

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