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Discover the healing & rejuvenating effects our body wraps & body polishes...


The Chocolate Blitz Moor Mud Wrap
our ontario spa chocolate moor wrap


Our Body wraps begins with an application of warm moor mud or mask to your complete body followed by wrapping you in a thermal sheet and warm blankets. Then enjoy a rest and relaxation period as the wrap takes effect followed by a cleansing shower.

Moor Mud Wrap

The Golden Moor Mud used in this wrap is from the richest known source in the world...located right here in Ontario. It's used around the world in the spa industry for it's many beneficial healing effects including:

Let your body absorb the trace minerals and vitamins, remove toxins and feel better inside & out!

$110 (75 minutes)
$135 (90 minutes) combined with a dead sea salt therapeutic air jet bath

Chocolate Blitz Moor Body Mask

This excellent combination of botanical moor and the active ingredients of the chocolate makes this creamy mask a unique hydrating and stimulating experience.

The chocolate blitz mask neutralizes free radicals and is a strong anti-oxidant. It helps the skin restructure, regenerate and rehydrate. Plus the mask will improve circulation, stimulate the central nervous system, soothe sensitive skin and attenuate cellulite.

$130 (75 minutes)

Mocha Java Moor Body Mask

The Mocha Java Mask is a super circulation stimulator. It will help tone and firm plus the caffeine helps speed up the burnning of fat and hydrate the skin.

This mask contains Moor Mud, vitamin E, hemp oil, orange essential oil and mocha java coffee extract. The added vitamin E and hemp oil will infuse the skin with protein helping skin hydration and regeneration. The caffeine and coffee extract combined with orange essential oil will help reduce puffiness and cellulite.

$130 (75 minutes)


Our body scrubs include a complete body exfoliation, followed by a cleansing shower, and finish with a massaging moisturizer application. All our scrubs help stimulate circulation and enhance the appearance of your skin.

Sea Salt Glow Scrub

This 'Dr Renaud ThalySpa' body scrub contains sea salt, shea butter, argan, olive oils and vitamin E to eliminate dead skin cells at the surface of the epidermis, while protecting and nourishing your skin. Exquisitely scented, it leaves your skin supple, velvety soft and glowing.

$90 (60 minutes)

Refreshing Citrus Moor Scrub

The Citrus Moor Scrub contains Purified water, Moor (peat), Citrus Aurantium Dulcis, Citrus Medica Limonum, Citrus Tangerina, Pumice and Hemp oil. This invigorating scrub will exfoliate and soften; leaving your skin fresh and smooth. Plus the citrus ingredients will help energize and lift your spirits!

$95 (60 minutes)

Relaxing Lavender Moor Scrub

Our Lavender Moor Scrub contains Purified water, Moor (peat), Lavender officinalis, Lavendula extract, Lavender water mist, Pumice and Hemp oil. The lavender will help you relax, breathe easy and stimulate your circulation. Your skin will be left silky smooth and healthy.

$95 (60 minutes)

Hydrating Chocolate Moor Scrub

Enjoy a Chocolate Moor Scrub containing Purified water, Moor (peat), Cocoa extract, Lavender officinalis, Lavendula extract, Rose water mist, Pumice and Hemp oil. The chocolate extract will help hydrate skin as it is being polished, while the lavender will help you relax, breathe easy and stimulate your circulation. Your skin will be left silky smooth and hydrated.

$95 (60 minutes)


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